Milonga Magnifica San Diego was originally moved to the 3rd Friday (for the month of March only) due to the Southern California Tango Championships. Even though the Championships have been cancelled, after a lot of consideration and taking a vote from all my students I have decided to keep Milonga Magnifica SD as scheduled for Friday March 20 as of now. PLEASE CHECK OUR FB PAGE FREQUENTLY WHERE WE WILL POST UPDATES SHOULD ANYTHING CHANGE!

We have 2 teams very excited and ready to perform that were heartbroken with the idea of canceling. As an organizer goes, I am well aware of all the concerns about the Coronavirus so if you are sick or not feeling well I urge you to stay home for the safety of everyone else. I am having the Milonga to support my students hard work, to celebrate my birthday with family & friends and to enjoy a moment together. Although the Milonga is open to the public if you are concerned I also ask you to please stay home. If you will attend the Milonga please try to RSVP to me (Katia Cell: (858) 922-2121) It will be very helpful to us to have an approximate head count so we know how to better prepare. If you come to the Milonga please wash your hands multiple times throughout the night and consider dancing in open embrace. The studio has designated additional people cleaning and wiping all handles and areas that are usually touched by everyone. In addition there are hand sanitizers located throughout the studio and I urge you to use them liberally. We will bring wrapped snacks, desserts and individual small drinks. Anyway, I hope to see you there but I completely understand if you are uncomfortable being in a social environment at the moment. PLEASE CHECK MILONGA MAGNIFICA’S FB PAGE AS THE DATE GETS CLOSER TO VERIFY THAT THE EVENT IS STILL HAPPENING! Thank you for your continued support and understanding!

I wish all the best to everyone and pray that the coronavirus disappears sooner than later and hope that you all stay healthy!

Un abrazo,


Recommended Attire: WEAR BLACK AND WHITE!

Friday March 20, 2020

9:00pm to 1:00am

Infinity Dance Sport Center
7243 Engineer Rd, Ste B
San Diego, CA 92111

DJ: Oscar Mansilla

Admission: $15

Please RSVP to Katia’s Cell (858) 922-2121 or FB Message

We can’t wait to see you there!! 🙂

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