Milonga Magnifica was founded in January 2019 by Katia Diamond. Katia is an Argentine Tango, Ballroom & Latin dance instructor, performer and competitor. She has numerous national and world titles and teaches and performs throughout Southern California and worldwide.

While filming a tango music video with Dario Artunduaga in Buenos Aires in 2018 for the Otros Aires song “Nieblas del Riachuelo”, Katia decided to open a new milonga in her hometown of San Diego to support the growing tango community in Southern California.  She was so excited about the idea that she told her mother about it during a conversation. Her mom thought her idea was “magnificent” and suggested the name “Milonga Magnifica” which is how Milonga Magnifica was named.

Katia’s vision was to set a new standard for all milongas by providing tangueros the absolute best experience possible.  This included:

  • A friendly and supportive atmosphere for all dancers
  • The best tango music with some of the hottest DJ’s
  • Delicious snacks, appetizers & refreshments
  • Frequent performances and workshops by top dancers
  • Exciting new themed milongas every month

One of the most important issues was to make sure everybody gets to dance!

You will find Katia on the dance floor at her milonga all night dancing with everyone to make sure everyone has a great time.

Milonga Magnofica is scheduled for the 1st & 3rd Saturday nights in San Diego at the fabulous Dance Headquarters from 9PM-1AM.

For a map with directions please visit HERE.

For complete details about upcoming milongas and other events please visit the online Events Calendar HERE.

Milonga Magnifica s scheduled for the 1st & 3rd Saturday nights in San Diego at the fabulous Dance Headquarters from 9PM-1AM.

Dance Headquarters

5035 Shawline Street

San Diego, CA 92111

Admission is $15 and includes an extravagant buffet of snacks, appetizers & refreshments, and a fun night filled with dancing, music and friends.

No. Snacks and refreshments are always provided and are included as part of the milonga admission.

We accept CASH or VENMO at the door when you arrive.

In general we recommend anything ranging from business casual to semi formal.

Everyone is always welcome! Please feel free to attend and dance as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Regardless of whether you are a leader or follower, just let your dance partners know you are a beginner and they will almost certainly help you on the dance floor. You can also let Katia know when you arrive and she will offer any help she can to make sure you get to dance and have a great time.

We suggest 18 years and older as a guideline. Due to the late hours and overwhelming adult crowd, it is likely that younger children will be bored. However, well behaved children under 18 are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

To contact Katia for more information about Milonga Magnifica, private lessons or performance opportunities please use any of the following:

Telephone:  (858) 922-2121  (call, text or whatsapp)